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You may choose one or more of the following skype or phone sessions. The payment procedure is in french so feel free to send me a mail (jacksoneric@neuf.fr) or to call via skype (eric.jackson.perrin) if you need help. if you have a paypal account, you can also make a transfer by paypal.

Your Birth Diamond



As all human beings created by the Source, you are a Diamond that wants to shine. This can be done by being aware af all your facets and by expressing them in the best possible form. In this session, we will see your different facets and how you can best express them.




Birth Diamond session : 1 hour

Cost : 60€

Your astral Chart


Your Astral birth chart shows the structure of your soul, the experiences it has chosen to grow and its path to enlightement. In this session, you will see the psychological and karmic aspects of your life with your schemes, your asets, your strengths and your contradictions. Your astral chart will help you understand the cause of your eventual difficulties and recurring schemes and how to handle them so that you can best express what you have in you




Astral birth chart : 1 hour

Cost : 60€

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  • 60,00

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